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Dominik Susteck: Zeitfiguren (2014) for organ. Duration: 45 Minutes.
Strahlen – Verschlungener Gang – Zeit – Leuchten – Akkordecho – Warten
Composition Commission of the Archdiocese of Paderborn/Germany

The composition „Zeitfiguren“ [„time-figures“] arose by an impulse of Volker Karweg as a commission of the Archdiocese of Paderborn, curated by Prof. Paul Thissen. The composition was conceived to the Sandtner-organ of the catholic church St. Marien in Warburg, but shall be performed on different organs in the Archdiocese of Paderborn. It can be played on two-manual instruments with a swell box.

Remarks of the composer

I. Strahlen [„rays“]

Which kind of rays are intended? Are they open spaces, which lead to infinity? Are they lightening and spotting melodies, that follow their own shape? Is it the hot touch of a sun, that even brings granite to melt? Or is it the way across unsuspecting deep, that lurks to the music like a chasm?

II. Verschlungener Gang [„engulfed path“]

Melodies change, stop, sound from the distance. They engulf each other, become lost in entanglements without beginning, replay and interview each other. They connect each other or try to strike hopelessly. Their sounds call out each other, like thousand of mirrors broken, far callers, that feel underneath the warm ground.

III. Zeit [„time“]

The time is knocking, ticking like a watch, is measured. It melts, fades away, but still it stagnates. It changes to energy and is just measurable in regulation. Within the meditation time becomes vastly strong, bursted like the own beat of heart. It hunts itself in quickness, becomes etherial and vanishes, as if it had never happened.

IV. Leuchten [„gleam“]

What on music looks like it would stagnate although it flows? It is sound, that illuminates space. It is commentated, again and again, in an eternal and varying ostinato. It always says something, emphatically, high and low, long and wide. But there is something else, something new. It shines, colors and burns, as it would be getting nowhere, knowing, that cannot stay there.

V. Akkordecho [„echo of chords“]
The chord builds itself, shines, peels and rubs itself. It peels flakes away and leaves fine lines, like footprints, that vanish soon. It banks up, burst and bethink of leaving into the hiding place.

VI. Warten [„waiting“]

The waiting is impatient. The inescapable time overtakes us. It is a friendly and serious waiting at once. Two sounds change and punge all the other sounds into a warm light. The waiting is an unlimited accepting, that leads on and on.