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Dominik Susteck: Spiegelbild (2013) for Alto and Baritone-Saxophon (Duetto)
Also for bass clarinet and Clarinet in B
duration: 11 minutes

The composition “Spiegelbild” (“mirror image”) thematizes its own instrumentation. Not only the positioning in a distance of 8 meters to each other, but also the whole musical topic refers to a mutual figure, imitation, reverse and interchange. Within the musical activity various relation occur. They are not only pure arranged, but rather push outside.

Position A: set-up on stage in 8 meters difference frontally together.

Position B: each other go to different points in the audience, where the stand is prepared. While you are moving, play from memory. Then get aware to each other again.

Position C: change the position to each other. It is not only symbolic, but also for the sound, because the saxophones are different in their characters.

Position D: move freely at the room (play from memory). At the end take aware to each other.

Remark to the multiphonics: the fingering is voluntary and could be different between instruments. It is possible to get more overtones then the written ones.

The composition “Spiegelbild” (“mirror image”) was premiered for the german music competition in composition 2013 in the philharmonic hall Essen.