Spur – Kerbe

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Screenshot 2014-10-11 14.21.51    Spur-Kerbe-Vorschau_Seite_04    Spur-Kerbe-Vorschau_Seite_06
Dominik Susteck: “Spur – Kerbe”
for organ and percussion (2013)
duration: 10 minutes UA: Cologne, 9.10.14, Samuel Dobernecker, organ, Sebastian Gokus, percussion

rhythm, burning into my mind,
to think of Xenakis,
shouting, ripping, notching,
sounding material, corroding,
energy gets to sound, moves to color,
rises to melody,
left behind memory.



2 Tom-Toms (low/high)
2 Cymbals (low/high)
1 Snare
2 triangles (low/high)
1 Bass Drum
1 Tamtam
Jingle Bells
Marimba (f1-h2)
2 Sticks
2 soft mallets
2 felt mallets